100 Days Club

We aim to practice for 100 consecutive days without any days off. 




  1. Parents tick off on the chart every day when children practice.

  2. Weekly stickers are awarded to track progress.

  3. If you go away and don’t have access to a piano you may listen to your CD instead and you won’t break your streak.  You have to start again as soon as you get home and start ticking off the days from where you left off.

  4. If you miss a day you have to go back to zero.

  5. Practice need not be for a long time – 5 minutes is enough and 2 minutes when you are tired. The point is to PLAY your instrument every day, not to WORK at it.


The 100 days club is very good for helping students to develop a practice routine – once you have done something for 28 days in a row it becomes habit anyway and shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.  Try to practice at the same time every day.


There are, very elusive and difficult to attain, awards available for 200, 300, 500 and 1000 consecutive days of practising.  Let's see how high we can climb.

Day 22