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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed things for everyone, including people who take and give music lessons.


In the interests of preventing transmission the following measures are in place


Hand washing by everyone who enters the room before lessons begin, single use towels are provided and parents are required to supervise their children's hand washing.  Children do not wash their hands properly if left to their own devices please make sure they use soap and scrub.


Cleaning of pianos and other high contact surfaces between uses.  I will clean the student piano and wipe down door handles between lessons.


One of the best ways to avoid transmission is to increase ventilation, to that end, the doors to the studio will be kept open.  Wear warm clothing.


Spend as little time as possible in the room with other people - I operate a "one in - one out" system.  Do not enter the room when there is another family in it, and vacate the room quickly after your lesson is over to let the next family in.

The time taken to clean surfaces, wash hands, put on coats etc is part of your lesson time, be efficient and the lesson is not adversely affected.

Masks should be worn where at all possible, some very young children just can't concentrate with a mask on and exceptions can be made, but this should not be taken as a "they're young so they don't have to" carte blanche, use your discretion and then put on a mask.

If any person in the household displays symptoms of Covid 19, (or any other infection for that matter, colds count) do not attend your lesson.  If anyone shows up visibly ill the family will be asked to leave immediately and the lesson counted.

It is possible, but far from ideal, to deliver lessons online, and this should be reserved for extenuating circumstances where it is unsafe for pupils, parents or teacher for a face to face lesson.  These circumstances may include

~ Future Lockdowns

~ Illness of any kind on the part of either parent, teacher or pupil or anyone in their immediate household.

~ Really horrible driving conditions (ie snow, not traffic)

In which case remote lessons will be made available.

Remote lessons should not be requested for the following reasons

~ Not being organised enough to get to a lesson on time.

~ Not feeling like coming to a face to face lesson

~ Double booking - your lesson must take priority over other engagements.

~ Bad traffic

Remote lessons should be requested no later than lunchtime on the day of the lesson.

Covid 19 Studio Risk Assessment updated 8/3/21

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