Suzuki for Adults


There is a phrase, often heard in the Suzuki world, "you're never too old"

Parents are required to learn to play at least the initial repertoire to help their children along and many continue for their own pleasure and satisfaction after this initial stage.  But what about older beginners.  Different teachers have different opinions and approaches to this.  Personally I like people to be under five or over twenty to start as beginners but I'll consider people of any age. Some of my most most satisfied clients are those who begin when they retire from working, they have the time to invest in learning a new skill and find that by doing so they keep their brains and bodies active and sharp.  There is no minimum or maximum age for anyone to learn music and, while the Suzuki method is specifically designed for young children, it is not so at the exclusion of all others.  If you are an adult who would like to learn music, drop me an email.